Leather jackets are a must in every person’s wardrobe, especially as we are in the heart of autumn – the perfect season for leather jackets. If you want to stay warm while looking cool then women’s leather jackets do the trick perfectly. These jackets are timeless, durable, and they go with nearly everything.

Leather Jackets for Women: Leather Jacket Outfits

Some people depend on the reputation of animal skin, but we don’t discriminate: we think that some of the best leather jackets out there are actually vegan and made of faux leather. We also know that the same fashionprinciples apply to buying genuine leather and faux leather jackets, so even if you have moral compunctions about supporting the meat industry, feel free to read on.

In this article, we’ve listed the 17 best leather jackets for women to buy, with some vegan options included! We give a rundown of the history of the leather jacket, and what makes it the coolest clothing item around. We have a comprehensive buying guide for leather jackets, so you can find the perfect one for you, and we’ve capped things off with some fashion advice so that you can style your leather jackets for every occasion.

Leather Jackets for Women: Contents

• 17 Best Leather Jackets for Women to Buy
• The History of the Leather Jacket
• Leather Jacket Buying Guide
• How to Wear a Leather Jacket with Every Outfit

17 Best Leather Jackets for Women to Buy

From high-end designer leather jackets to faux leather designs, here we bring you the coolest options available on the market now.

1. Gucci Magic Mushroom Leather Jacket

You’ll feel endlessly stylish wearing Gucci leather jackets, like this cowskin number. This is one of the best leather jackets for women wanting an androgynous look, as the fit is roomy and comfortable. The jacket comes with plenty of pockets, an adjustable belt at the hip, and a sideways zipper. It is embellished with the Gucci brand name and some adorable mushrooms on the back, for a playful touch. You can buy it directly from Gucci.

Best Leather Jackets for Women to Buy: Gucci Leather Jacket

2. Burgundy Leather Bomber Jacket

The unique burgundy shade makes this one of the nicest women’s leather jackets, despite its loose, unisex fit. This soft and comfortable lambskin jacket still has structure thanks to an elasticated waist and cuffs, while a clean design looks effortlessly streamlined. Order it online though Net-a-Porter!

Best Leather Jackets for Women to Buy: Vince Leather Jacket

3. Delicate Azure Blue Leather Jacket

Who said leather jackets have to be black or brown? Especially when it comes to leather jackets for women, we should be allowed to play with color! This lovely baby blue IRO jacket is still as sleek and cool as they come, despite its light color, and is super soft since it is made of lambskin. Find it at Forward!

Best Leather Jackets for Women to Buy: IRO Leather Jacket

4. Americana Leather Jacket

This is one of the best leather jackets for women wanting to take on the world and show off their strong, edgy side. It has large, padded shoulders – a trend we’ve been seeing a lot on the runways lately, along with a cinched waist that will keep you looking trim. It is available for sale through Shopbop.

Best Leather Jackets for Women to Buy: R13 Leather Jacket

5. Double-Breasted Chocolate Leather Jacket

This is an elegant take on women’s leather jackets, with a double-breasted design, small collar, and a classy double set of buttons. It pairs well with earth and jewel-tone ensembles, and gives that perfect edge when paired with more feminine styles. This Chloe leather jacket is sold online at Net-a-Porter.

Best Leather Jackets for Women to Buy: Chloe Leather Jacket

6. Moto Leather Jacket

You are sure to stand out in any of the leather jackets on this list, but in this one you will also shine. It is made of black faux leather, so it is actually totally vegan, and has a clean and cool design. You can try it on at Nordstrom.

Best Leather Jackets for Women to Buy: BlankNYC Leather Jacket

7. Rhinehart Chocolate Brown Leather Jacket

This is one of the best leather jackets for women who favor elegant warmth and comfort. The chocolate brown shade is soft and flattering, while the elasticated waistband adds shape. This Ganni design can be purchased through Farfetch.

Best Leather Jackets for Women to Buy: Ganni Leather Jacket

8. Mint Green Mock Leather Jacket

We’re really loving mint green for women’s leather jackets, as it gives a softer take on the cool style and fits into the trend of pastel colors. This Acne Studios leather jacket has an edgy silhoutte with a belted hem and cool side zipper. Buy it from Forward!

Best Leather Jackets for Women to Buy: Acne Studios Leather Jacket

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