The slip dress is that perfect item to wear when you want to feel barely dressed, but have to be covered up because of those pesky societal standards. Slip dresses are effortlessly sexy and always comfortable. Also known as the cami dress, these slinky garments used to be considered strictly underwear, but fashion was turned upside-down and inside-out in the ‘90s, when rebellious celebs and designers decided they didn’t care about prudish tradition.

Cami Slip Dress Trend: Slip Dress Outfit Ideas

We’re having a total ‘90s resurgence these days, with slip dresses being a great way of channeling that era. We’ve selected the best cami slip dresses out in stores right now, in different lengths and styles so you can choose the one that suits you best! We also go into the history of the cami dress, and explain exactly where it came from, and how it came to be fashionable yet again.

I’ll help you pinpoint exactly what kind of slip dress would be right for you and give some awesome styling suggestions so you can rock your slip dress no matter the occasion and never feel like you’re wearing and nightgown!

The Trend of Cami Slip Dresses: Contents

• 13 Best Slip Dresses to Buy
• What Is a Slip Dress and What’s Its History?
• How to Choose the Right Slip Dress for You
• How to Wear a Cami Slip Dress from Day to Night

13 Best Slip Dresses to Buy

From the classic satin slip dress to more elaborate designs, here you have 13 cami dresses to embrace the ‘90s in a cool way.

1. Lace-Trimmed Asymmetrical Cami Dress

We wanted to start you off with a slip dress that is elegant with just a small unique touch. That unique touch is the asymmetrical lace trim that shows off a healthy amount of leg. This black slip dress is made of ultra-soft silk charmeuse and can be ordered from Net-a-Porter.

Best Cami/ Slip Dresses to Buy: Cami NYC Slip Dress

2. Fringe & Sequin Slip Dress

This is one of those slip dresses that you wear on a night when you intend not to be forgotten. This dress is made of a sheer mesh, meaning it shows a lot of skin and is studded with some fabulously shiny black sequins. The sequined fringe at the bottom is guaranteed to glimmer as it moves with you throughout the night.

As if all that wasn’t enough, this Attico sequin dress turns up the sex appeal with an exposed back. Get it from Forward, just in time for all those New Year’s parties.

Best Cami/ Slip Dresses to Buy: Attico Slip Dress

3. White Mini Slip Dress

This is a demure take on cami dresses, despite the itty-bitty length. It has a loose fit that leaves a bit of room for the imagination to work, with a straight, draped neckline that covers the chest for a touch of modesty. The white color makes this satin slip dress the perfect choice for a look that suggests purity. You can get this lovely dress from Revolve.

Best Cami/ Slip Dresses to Buy: Alice + Olivia Slip Dress

4. Embellished Beige Slip Dress

With many slip dresses it takes a bit of work to make it appropriate to wear outside the bedroom, but that’s not the case with this Y/ Project one. This beige slip dress is quite long, reaching down to mid-calf, but true to form, it does have a sexy slit to expose some leg.

Other details that add interest include a feminine lace trim and ribbons hanging from the collar. This slip dress is made primarily of soft, luxurious silk, and can be purchased through Farfetch.

Best Cami/ Slip Dresses to Buy: Y/ Project Slip Dress

5. Minimalist Black Satin Slip Dress

This delicate slip dress from Prada is made of ultra-soft satin and is as minimalist as it gets. The length is quite short, but the loose design keeps things demure. There is a lovely lace trim both along the hemline and at the neckline, which is cut in a subtle sweetheart shape. This cami dress is short enough to be easily tucked into trousers for daytime wear. It can be ordered online via Net-a-Porter.

Best Cami/ Slip Dresses to Buy: Prada Slip Dress

6. Twisted Cami Dress

The twisted design of this Alexander Wang cami dress gives it extra bulk, making it an excellent choice for even some fancier occasions. The shade is a soft baby pink that along with a lace trim at the hem and a cinched-in waist ensures that this dress is as feminine as they get. The bust of the slip dress has a unique asymmetrical feel thanks to the way fabric is twisted around the torso. You can buy this silk slip dress from Forward.

Best Cami/ Slip Dresses to Buy: Alexander Wang Slip Dress

7. Power-Clash Layered Slip Dress

If you find most slip dresses a little too revealing for your tastes, this layered option from Coach might be your way to give the style a try! Built into the knee-length slip dress is a blouse top that at first look appears like a separate shirt worn under a dress.

The bottom part is all rustic charm with a quaint print, while the lace-trimmed slip part is colored a dark metallic shade and printed with a colorful pattern. If you’d like to give this slip dress a try, find it at Shopbop.

Best Cami/ Slip Dresses to Buy: Coach Slip Dress

8. Graphic Red & Black Silk Slip Dress

Slip dresses can absolutely embody a punk or grunge-inspired style, especially considering they had their popularity surge in the ‘90s. This black and red cami dress is covered in a scribbly graphic print that has quite the edge.

The draped neckline itself is not too low, but an open back and short hemline mean that this slip dress is still quite revealing. Pair it with a choker and heavy black boots for that perfect grunge look! You can order this dress online from Net-a-Porter.

Best Cami/ Slip Dresses to Buy: Ksubi Slip Dress

9. Royal Blue Ruffled Cami Dress

You know you’ll exude confidence when wearing this royal blue slip dress. Made primarily of silk, this cami dress is luxurious and fancy – a perfect choice for formal events. It hits just below the knee, but a ruffled slit shows a bit of thigh. The ruffles add a bit of bulk, which gives the dress needed weight, while the V-neckline is feminine and sexy. This slip dress is available for purchase through Forward.

Best Cami/ Slip Dresses to Buy: Caroline Constas Slip Dress

10. Floral Maxi Slip Dress

This is another feminine take on the slip dress trend, this time with a refreshing maxi length. The pale pink hue and floral print work well together to showcase a soft, springtime look, but a daring touch comes courtesy of a plunging back and sheer lace details around the cups. You can order this Brock Collection dress from My Theresa.

Best Cami/ Slip Dresses to Buy: Brock Collection Slip Dress

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